05 Dec, Saturday
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REVIEW: The Answer – Limelight, Belfast

mm4Tonight at the limelight we were treated to a vast array of talent from Northern Ireland as Michael Mormecha and The Answer took to the stage.

Michael Mormecha was the supporting act this evening and some of you following the Northern Irish music scene will know him as frontman of rock band Mojo Fury.

A very talented act that is a multi instrumentalist who started on drums, went to guitar and frontman of Mojo Fury, and wound up as frontman and drummer of his solo band.

I must admit I had my doubts when I seen the band and Michael get up onstage with what seemed like blindfolds on, and even more so as he began singing whilst playing the drums.

But once they got going I immediately turned from a doubter to a fan as everyone on stage played their part in creating brilliant music. Tracks like Kaleidoscope and Family were particularly impressive. As I said above he is very talented and he was appreciative of the support and cheers they got as they got through and closed their set.

ta3The place began filling fast as 8.30pm was approaching. Everyone wanted to see what Cormac and his band would bring to the stage.

It’s been a long time since The Answer has played the Limelight and everyone knew they were in for a treat as the band hit the stage.

Straight from the start the band launched into well known songs Renegades followed by Spectacular before they unleashed RED, a new song of their newest album Raise a Little Hell. They even played Into The Gutter, a song that they haven’t played in a very long time at any of their Belfast shows and it went down an absolute storm with everyone in attendance this evening.

From the very beginning you knew they were there to Raise a Little Hell of their own as they got the crowd moving everywhere including kneeling on the ground with Cormac himself in the middle of the audience having a sing-a-long to the title track Raise a Little Hell.

ta22Everyone in attendance tonight were left buzzing from an absolutely electrifying set that seen the lead singer hop into the audience to having four fans onstage singing the electric guitar version of Nowhere Freeway with the band.

They really do go all out to impress and they have a lot of energy and stage presence that makes people come and see them time and time again as they always leave you wanting more. Matt Halliday,

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