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The Lost Martini to bring immersive theatre to Belfast

thelostmartiniBelfast audiences will get a taste of immersive theatre when Accidental Theatre performs The Lost Martini in March.

This new play will be performed in a space designed as a hidden, continental jazz café in Belfast. In this café, audiences can encounter characters who love life and recognise the value of the invaluable. Theirs is a world which doesn’t accept the economics of, ‘if it doesn’t pay, it can’t stay.’ The characters live by a different philosophy which has room for ordinary, personal treasures.

Richard Lavery, Artistic Director of Accidental Theatre, explained what audiences can expect:

“In this immersive production, the separation between audience and cast is removed. There’s no stage, nowhere is out of bounds. The audience is right in the middle of the action, influencing what happens around them. Accidental Theatre is using a radical performance style which breaks traditional theatre rules. This type of theatre has never been seen before in Belfast”.

There are different ways for audiences to become immersed in the performance. As well as standard tickets, there are special tickets for curious theatre fans with an appetite for new experiences. They can join the house band or work behind the bar in The Lost Martini café.

Richard Lavery said: “With a different audience each night, each performance will be new. As individuals or in groups, they can dip into scenes, interact with the action or just sit back, listen to the music and watch the play evolve around them. The cast and crew have developed an exciting script and story. But we cannot predict everything the audience will do or how they’ll participate and influence the performance.”

Devised by Accidental Theatre, THE LOST MARTINI brings to life the stories of five gutsy characters, who hold onto what’s important in life. In the café, they find more questions than answers and make life changing decisions.

Dramaturg for the production, American born Dr Emily DeDakis explained: “These five people don’t strive for success with loads a money or tons of fame. They aren’t enslaved to paper thin principles; they don’t measure their happiness by bank balances or owning the latest gadgets, they want success in what’s important to them. In The Lost Martini café , they have their say. They have freedom to express themselves and be heard”.

Accidental Theatre is funded through the Arts Council’s National Lottery fund. Gilly Campbell, Dance and Drama Officer at the Arts Council commented: “As this imaginative production unfolds, the audience, taking on the role of the supporting cast, will become part of the story. Whether you choose to just watch and listen, or play a part, this totally immersive, all sensory experience is something different for local theatre audiences to look forward to.”

The Lost Martini will run from 10 – 14 March 2015 at a performance space in central Belfast. For more information, visit:

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