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INTERVIEW: Hudson Taylor

hudsontaylor1With multiple sold out shows in the UK and Ireland as well as their debut album release Hudson Taylor are showing no signs of slowing down.

In Belfast alone they brag a sold out show in Mandela Hall and a further date announced in the Ulster Hall for 28th May 2015.

The duo has helped start a new era of the ‘Irish Pop-Folk’ genre and have taken the UK by storm with their energetic, yet very personal music. 

Their debut album, Singing For Strangers, was released earlier this year and has been widely praised.  Their hard work and dedication to their music have clearly paid off for the lads.    One can only speculate that this debut album is the beginning of a very successful career in the music industry.  Gigging NI’s Chantelle Frampton caught up with Harry as they discussed Hudson Taylor’s past, present and future career.

The past year, in particular, has been especially crazy for Hudson Taylor as you have dominated the pop folk genre.  How has it been for you guys?

“The past year, in fact the past few years, have been so much fun for us. We’ve played lots of gigs and festivals, been to a load of gigs, written lots of songs and recently released our debut album. We’re just delighted to be able to be living comfortably doing what we love to do. “

You’ve supported the likes of Kodaline and Jake Bugg.  How does it feel to be selling out your own shows all across the UK and Ireland?

“When we play in different towns and cities where we might have played before on support shows or previous headline tours it’s really nice to find that on second and third visits we end up playing slightly bigger venues. Like the first time we supported Jake Bugg two years ago we played in London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire and then two years later we sold out the same venue on our own tour, which was an incredible feeling! “

Has there been a main highlight of 2014 or 2015 that you will always remember as a major part of your music career?

“Yes! There have been a lot of great moments and highlights. The main highlight definitely has to be when we first held a physical copy of our debut album.”

You have been amazingly successful with your release of a number of EP’s.  What was it like finally recording your debut album?

“It was really quite surreal and we both had a bit of a cheesy high five and pat on the back moment. It actually took a number of months to complete the album and some songs took a few tries at recording to get right! We got to record some of it at home (all the bonus tracks) which was a really cool experience as we had full control of how all those songs sounded. “

Hudson Taylor 19You have a very solid fan base in Ireland and the UK that undoubtedly show a crazy amount of support for you both.  Do you find the crowds at gigs different in the UK to Ireland?

“To be honest, you can’t beat an Irish crowd. A lot of bands from all around the world probably say that, even if they’re not from Ireland. For us, obviously being from Ireland, the Irish gigs we play are always extra special because they are the homecoming gigs and everyone is always up for the Craic. Although that being said, there have been gigs in the UK which definitely have rivalled Irish ones in terms of crowd response.”

Your move to London must have been a big transition.  What do you think the move did for your music?  Do you miss the music scene in Dublin?

“We’ve lived in London for 3 and half years now. We feel it was massively important for us to move here. London is a music business hub and before we moved here we didn’t really know what the music business was all about. The move itself inspired us quite a lot in song writing. It’s an expensive place to live and so when we first moved we lived in a fairly crummy apartment. We used to have neighbours banging on the walls to tell us to stop playing music which was quite frustrating. We wrote a lot of the songs on the Album in the first few months living here inspired the move. Luckily we get to go back to Dublin quite frequently and so we get our fix of the music scene back there. We always try and do a bit of busking whenever we can aswell! “


Northern Ireland has a very active music scene. Do you have any advice for those that are busking around the streets of Belfast and want to make it big like yourselves?

“Surround yourself with good people. Don’t play music for any other reason than because you love it, because it’s really difficult to depend on it as a living.. . And just keep writing songs every day.”

It seems that you show no signs of slowing down any time soon.  What do you hope the next year will bring for you?

“We’re hoping to play Lots and lots of gigs/festival over the next year! We just wanna keep ourselves busy and motivated. We’ve already started to write album 2 as well so we’ll hopefully start to record that soon.”

Hudson Taylor will play the Ulster Hall on 28th May 2015. Buy tickets here.


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