16 Jul, Tuesday
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REVIEW: Liam Williams – The MAC, Belfast

1418420413_Liam-Williams-Show-ImageLiam Williams returns to The Mac after his debut last year to perform his new show, ‘Capitalism’.

Williams takes to stage, beer in hand, reminiscing about the last time he performed in Belfast.

Immediately, he proclaims that audience participation will not feature heavily in his set due to his last attempt at it when he was Belfast. The certain air of awkwardness surrounding Williams along with his brute honesty seems to allow the audience to warm to him as everyone settles down for the rest of the show.

Brief introductions made, the set swiftly moves on as Williams discusses his recent reviews in the Daily Mail, poking fun at himself being compared to Russell Brand. This comparison that is easily justified as the use of his extensive vocabulary allows for an almost lyrical delivery of the material that is being debuted this evening.

The topics up for discussion this evening include everything from his failings as a student anarchist to his most recent relationship troubles.  His negative take on modern life may leave some wondering whether they should be laughing along or not, but most of the material seems to go down well with the crowd.

Much of the set is centred on the continuous search for happiness with Williams sharing his attempts to achieve it, creating moments that are relatable for each member of the audience.  Saying that, there are some extremely surreal moments within his set, no more so than the continuous appearance of a cleverly crafted ‘alter-ego’. Watching Williams argue with himself is certainly entertaining but leaves some audience members looking a bit lost, especially when things get physical near the end of his set.

With a varied monologue, one of the highlights being his own take on a World Cup song, the audience showed their appreciation well after Williams had left the stage (slightly ironically) to chart-topper ‘Happy’. 

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