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REVIEW: McBusted – Odyssey Arena, Belfast

mcbustedMcBusted are one of my favourite guilty pleasures.

They are such a feel good band, which always put me in a good mood whether they sing McFly songs, Busted songs or McBusted songs. They make me feel like I’m 15 with not a care in the world.

Last night I was in my element when they graced the Odyssey Arena stage with the last night of their McBusted Most Excellent Adventure Tour. Staging the show in what I can only assume is the world’s largest arcade game and warming the crowd up with 80’s film trailers from Weird Science to Back to the Future, the show was destined for great (if not cheesy eccentric and fun) things. But I think that’s half the crowd-appeal of these fun loving heroes; they don’t take themselves or their music too seriously.

Bouncing on to the stage with one of their newer tunes Air Guitar from the McBusted debut album, the crowd couldn’t help but be on their feet and cheering along. The stage lit up with their next lesser known song Hate Your Guts and by the time they hit McFly classic One for the Radio I had abandoned all freewill and was one with the boys bouncing about the stands and trying without much success to singalong.

The band energetically through themselves into each song bouncing, sliding and teasing the audience with so much abandon you couldn’t tear your eyes away. Their stage presence is amazing and they remind you of naughty school boys who have been let on the loose. Playing with each other and interacting with the crowd alike.

In usual pantomime form the boys disappeared at one point in the performance and video footage of them all squeezed into the Delorean car appeared, it was at this point that the band made their move to centre of the arena to appear as if by magic from a suspended Delorean car coming from the arena roof.

The standing crowd were then thrilled when the boys then reappeared in a Wedding procession of Matt marrying Dougie (an ongoing romance) followed by the other band members as flower girls/bridesmaids before the launching into a crowd favourite Crashed the Wedding.

More moments of audience interaction came when the band sung It’s all About You and in American sport style had a large kiss cam in the audience reacting in lots of ahhs and oohss. Between this and the life size Street fighter game the boys packed in quite a show.

Closing the tour with the much loved classics, 5 Colours in Her Hair, Shine A Light and Year 3000. The audience were covered in streamers and were screaming at the top of their lunges for more. I would love to recommend for you all to see it but as this was the last of the tour, no such luck. I will just have to wait with baited breathe to hear of their performance and let my inner McBusted child out! Emer Dooris,

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