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REVIEW: Steven VX – Rocket 21

stevenvxAt some point in his career, Steven VX must have had access to every great punk record available. Influences from Stiff Little Fingers, to The Clash can be felt throughout.

Rocket 21 is the stiff slap on the back of fine whiskey. It’s fire in the throat and a smooth finish. All vocals, instruments, as well as mixing and mastering, all solo, this is not your average punk rock record. Tommy, and Gimme Some Truth harkens back to old school punk bands like Generation X, and Fear. Whereas Memo and Daydreamer illustrate the neo-punk ‘n roll sounds of the millennia. It’s a bit more polished than the grimy early days, a bit more sophisticated; it’s a different generation with a different voice, with new stories to tell.

This is simply a great album by an impressive artist. Whether you cherish the old school, or are new to the genre there is something here for everyone. Noelle Ellis,

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