21 Oct, Wednesday
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REVIEW: Windfall – Spiral

windfallNewcomers, WINDFALL with their debut EP, “Spiral” are ones to watch…well, and listen. A tightly formed progressive rock band, with precision timing on percussion, and some sublime moments on guitar.

Vocals, I admit, were a bit of a surprise; deep and rich with a hint of Smiths-days Morrisey, and a touch of Arcade Fire. Which translates well to the more ethereal, Space Cowboy, which is my personal favorite for its poetic crests and swells.

Spindrift wows you right out the gate with some killer guitar licks and pulsing drum. Wow Them with Science continues this fast paced ride. Lost Inside is a pounding lament, the feverish pulse of heartbreak.

Spiral is an impressive opus and I look forward to seeing what WINDFALL will come up with next. Noelle Ellis,

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