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PHOTOS: Lucy Spraggan – Limelight, Belfast

KalLavellebyPaulWoods-2119 KalLavellebyPaulWoods-2131 KalLavellebyPaulWoods-2190 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2197 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2213 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2234 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2276 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2284 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2310 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2315 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2319 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2327 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2332 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2338 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-2363 LucySpragganbyPaulWoods-237523-year-old songwriter Lucy Spraggan has already impressed X Factor judges, Radio 1 DJs, festival organisers across the world and Columbia Records, who immediately signed her to their roster.

In her two decades of existence, Lucy’s been in rap groups, worked as a magician, trained as a plumber, travelled across America, been a tour guide in a cave, fallen from a cherry picker and had ‘Olly Murs’ tattooed onto her foot. She even studied Buddhism in Scotland. But now she’s ready to focus on music; her new album, a fusion of acoustic, folk and hip hop, is a collection of songs that’ll one minute bring you to tears, and the next make you feel like a fool for being so emo.

She visited the Limelight 2 in Belfast on Friday night with support from Kal Lavelle. Our photographer Paul Woods captured the night in photo.

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