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PHOTOS: Man Overboard – Bar Sub, Belfast

manoverboard1 manoverboard2 manoverboard3 manoverboard4 manoverboard5 manoverboard6 manoverboard7 manoverboard8 manoverboard9 manoverboard10 manoverboard11 manoverboard12 mooseblood1 mooseblood2 mooseblood3 mooseblood4 mooseblood5 mooseblood6 mooseblood7 mooseblood8 mooseblood9 roam1 roam2 roam3 roam4 roam5 roam6 roam7 roam8 roam9Formed in 2008 by friends Nik Bruzzese and Wayne Wildrik, the band pride themselves on the DIY approach of pop punk, saying “We do it ourselves, we care about it and we strive to bring you cool releases”

Man Overboard released their debut full-length studio album in 2010 through Run For Cover Records. The acclaimed album picked up a favorable review from Absolute Punk who called it “the pop punk album of the summer.”

Just a few months later the band signed with Rise Records and released their self-tited album in 2011.

Their third studio album “Heart Attack” was released on 28th May 2013. “Heart Attack” received positive reviews by critics, as well as opening up at number 46 on the Billboard Top 200 with over 8,100 copies sold in its first week, becoming the band’s highest charted and talked about album to date.


They visited Belfast’s Bar Sub on Tuesday with support coming from Moose Blood and Roam. Our photographer Matthew Johnston captured the night in photo.

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