21 Oct, Wednesday
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REVIEW: Gallows – Desolation Sounds

gallowsIt’s been nearly four years since ex-founding member Frank Carter left this Watford-based hardcore act and some would argue that his boots have never been filled by his successor Wade McNeill, former Alexisonfire vocalist. However Desolation Sounds is proof that, although they may not have been filled, they’ve brilliantly moulded to create a different fine specimen.

Opener Mystic Death is straight to the point, hard and heavy. It’s reminiscent of Grey Britain. Gritty and near-poetic choruses are hidden in between layers of wonderfully crafted riffs. But Bonfire Season is different. It’s soft and withdrawn but equally excellent.

There is less of a struggle to define vocals and it makes this record. Title track Desolation Sounds is by far my favourite but it’s hard to pick the best as they’re all great for many different reasons. The now versatile Gallows are welcomed. Mark Dunn,

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