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REVIEW: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Limelight 2, Belfast

11After a three year absence Durham siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis have returned with their aptly named new album ‘The Third‘. Having created a menagerie of tunes influenced by a range of genres the London trio have embarked on a sweeping tour of the country introducing everyone to their nostalgia soaked songs.  Attracting an extremely varied age range at their performance in Belfast the more intimate setting of the Limelight 2 was the perfect backdrop to their act.

Introducing the night was seasoned performers Enda and Owen Strathern under their new guise of Oh Volcano. Re-emerging onto the NI music scene in 2014 after a significant absence from their usual outfit of General Fiasco the duo have submerged fully into their new offering. Performing their debut single ‘Oceans‘ we are exposed to the duo’s 80’s infused synth pop. Having supported artists such as Clean Bandit and playing on the BBC Introducing stage at last year’s Reading and Leeds festival has proved that despite only beginning they have certainly been making a mark. The entrancing electronic catchy beats and choruses in their stand out song ‘I Don’t Love‘ which is going to be there new single creates an atmospheric vibe in a small but attentive room.

Emerging on stage to the Pacman theme tune and in sparkly cat suits  it is immediately evident that Kitty, Daisy and Lewis have an extremely original way of introducing themselves. Shouting ‘Hello Dublin’ as they entered they managed to break the ice recovering from their mistake with wit and humour. Beginning their set with ‘Bitchin in the Kitchen‘  Lewis begins on drums along with both Kitty and Daisy swapping vocal duties and harmonising wonderfully. There is a rapturous reception from the audience to the bands effortless cool retro vibes.

Playing for over fifteen years the musical family are accomplished in an amalgamation of instruments each taking their own time to shine throughout their performance. Playing their song ‘Baby Bye Bye‘ from their new album ‘The Third‘ which was produced by Mick Jones of the Clash. We see Lewis take the lead for this song with his antique voice and impressive keyboard skills.

The London three piece are renowned for their love of everything vintage something that they have translated charmingly into their sound. The band who are signed to Radio 1 DJ rob da Banks label, Sunday Best have opened for acts such as Coldplay, Razorlight and Jools Holland. The constant movement they have on the stage creates a nice flow and ebb in-between songs and makes it fun to watch and guess where each of them may be going.

Introducing an extremely special guest onto the stage, Tata who has come the whole way from Jamaica delights the crowd exhibiting his scintillating trumpet skills and adding to the overall sound of their songs. Giving a smooth ska vibe and sound the array of instruments used including trumpets, keyboards, guitars and percussion gives there songs vibrancy. With Tata staying onstage and the addition of the double bass for their songs ‘It Aint Your Business‘  and ‘Whenever You See Me‘ I feel as though I have been transported back to an old smoky blues bar with the band really capturing the feeling and recreating the sound.

With their effortlessly cool and infectious beats the audience are swaying along and clapping their hands. Playing ‘Developers Disease‘ the song as a very bluegrass feel with the addition of the Banjo and Lewis’s vocals bluesy lyric style. Finishing their set with ‘Going Up in the Country‘ the crowd is on their feet and dancing along to the infectious beat. With a delightful harmonica solo from Kitty and the incredibly catchy lyrics about leaving the city for the fair country hills it is the perfect end to the night. The plethora of musical influences and the rapport between  each member of the band have made this one of the most interesting and intriguing shows I have been to in a while and one that was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Aine Cronin-McCartney,

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