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REVIEW: Lee Harvey Oswald – Grassy Knoll

wpid-fb_img_1431157655521.jpgIt’s difficult to imagine melodic and hardcore in the same sentence, much less to be found together in the work of one band; however four-piece Armagh band Lee Harvey Oswald circumscribe this dichotomy wonderfully on their debut EP, “Grassy Knoll”. This unexpected combination strikes a chord familiar of acts like Pierce the Veil, and Sleeping with Sirens.

Illustrated right from the get go, the title track ATM wows you with smashing guitar, and on Avoidant the guitar licks bend so hard and fast you are anticipating the snapping of guitar strings. Medicate, while still impressive instrumentals, lets vocals take center stage with wave after wave of roaring, snarling glory.

Accommodating instrumentals the shiny metallic gift wrap, and the terrific growls indicative of hardcore punk rock are the barbed wire ribbon to top it off. Noelle Ellis,

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