13 Aug, Thursday
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REVIEW: Mojo Fury – Limelight 2, Belfast

IMG_9964Lisburn Locals Mojo Fury headline Limelight 2 bringing some much needed Rock and Roll to the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Indie pop duo runaway GO are first up this evening. Introducing the crowd to their new arrangement, their set is precise and to the point. Tracks such as ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Ashes’ provide the perfect platform to display the beautiful harmonies and vocal ranges of Fiona O’Kane and Dave Jackson.

The stripped back delivery of the material creates a unique atmosphere allowing the full appreciation of the lyrical content. Closing the set with the more up-tempo ‘Alive’, the pair do a great job off kicking things off.

IMG_0296The evening takes an about turn as The Bonnevilles take the stage. The intense bluesy tracks provide a stark contrast to the mellow indie tones provided by runaway Go. The duo put their heart and soul into the delivery of the songs, encompassing a sound that makes it hard to believe they hail from Banbrigde/Lurgan. Andrew McGibbbon Jnr becomes completely immersed in the music feeling every beat, only adding to the enjoyment of each crowd member. Definitely a band to watch live if the chance comes your way.

By the time Mojo Fury take to the stage the audience are warmed up and ready to go.
Each band member looks ready to deliver the performance of their life. The tracks mix heavy riffs with alternating piano solos creating progressive sounding tracks. The energetic performance is accompanied by a lights show that is second to none, giving the illusion the show is in a much grander venue than Limelight 2.

The vocal interaction between Michael Mormecha and James Lyttle generates tones that are reminiscent of bands such as Nine Inch Nails. Although the lengthy solos, which are in no short supply, may be construed as self-indulgent it is impossible to deny the raw emotion that is poured into every moment of them. The intense riffs and breakdowns are lapped up the eager crowd. Tracks such as the catchy ‘We Should Just Run Away’ are a prefect demonstration of the Mojo Fury sound and are definitely worth a listen for anyone wanting to get a feel what the band are about.

IMG_1279Things wind down with the cascading ‘What A Secret’, leaving the crowd in anticipation of what next for the band.
Having heard the name ‘Mojo Fury’ thrown about on various occasions it was great to finally get to see the band perform live. With so many different styles of music on display, this evening provided a well-rounded showcase for some promising Northern Ireland talent. Pamela Anderson,

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