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REVIEW: Part Time Pilots – Tally Ho Amigo

part time pilotsThe wealth of talent to be found in Northern Ireland never ceases to amaze and delight me, and every once in a while a band will really knock my socks off. PART TIME PILOTS is one of those bands.

Tally Ho Amigo” by PART TIME PILOTS is in the simplest terms a perfected executed album. Exquisitely grinding guitar, quintessential sexy growl of post-punk, and pounding drum is to be found throughout each track.

Bragging Rights, and Another Hit have an old school punk rock feel to it with a touch of Misfits. The same can be said for the track Repeat All with hints of The Pogues.

I Came Here to Hit Somebody, Little Green Men, and Je M’appelle Sexy are cheeky good fun. And the guitar solo at the bridge on Notions is downright dazzling.

The title track, Tally Ho Amigo is what grabbed my attention in the first few bars as ripper, hard and fast guitar licks erupt onto the scene.

Bed Skippin’ is the only real departure from traditional punk and post-punk sensibilities featuring more folksy undertones, with upper register guitar riffs and harmonica solos. That’s not to say it doesn’t still kick ass. Its punk roots are still very much in tact.

This album gives you kind of rush you get when your first thought before you’ve even gotten through the entire record is, “Damn, I’ve got to see these guys live!” Noelle Ellis,

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