18 Jan, Monday
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REVIEW: Rocket Propelled Gorillas – Alchemy

rocketpropelledgorillasWithin the first few notes of the first track the volume dial inched upward, and upward again. Great rock ‘n roll will do that; cause an almost unconscious cranking of the dial.

The EP “Alchemy” by Rocket Propelled Gorillas, though only two tracks, still packs a punch. Sedation, as I’ve mentioned caused me to turn it up, and it wasn’t long before I was humming along.

Nowhere to Run blasts onto the scene with dazzling guitars and drum, then that voice that wows weaves itself in and out, over and under the bold instrumentals.

Comparison would be a cross between PVRIS and Flyleaf, proving once again that chicks can rock it. This two-track EP is an effective tease, making me desirous to hear more. Noelle Ellis,

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