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REVIEW: Take That – Odyssey Arena, Belfast

TakeThatgigIf someone were to say that they do not like Take That you can almost guarantee that they will have heard of the majority of their hit singles as well as being able to sing along to the majority of them.

It’s no doubt that Take That have dominated the charts with every album that they release whether it be their 1995 album Nobody Else or their latest album release of III. Due to this success, Belfast erupted into joy when their latest tour would stop in the Odyssey for not one, but two shows. With the promise of an elaborate show, fantastic vocals and general fantastic night, the trio did not disappoint.

Firstly their stage set up was phenomenal. The vibrant colours, the constant movement of stage props and the incredible light show was all very mesmerising. A main feature of the stage was two large jelly fish on either side of the stage that replicated the actual movement of the sea creature. The group also adopted a very 1920s New York theme with an explosion of colour for a part of the show which echoed a noir type feel with a twist for the audience. One could have just sat and watched the stage and lights for the entire show and left very content that you’ve seen something incredibly different and unique. It was a visual show that likely dominated the likes of Snapchat and Instagram.

A very refreshing aspect of the show was that it was not entirely centred on the very talented Gary Barlow. The trio all had an equal part to play throughout the evening and lead vocals were handed to Mark Owen during the song Hold Up A Light. They played a number of hits such as Up All Night, Patience and the incredibly anticipated These Days. They did not, however, forget their roots and played their classic Relight My Fire and Back For Good.

They kept all fans happy with their range of songs and the energetic and believable performances. Whilst Barlow is the lyricist behind their hits, it was easy to see that they were not just playing the songs for no reason. It is a part of their history and their success and the songs were treated with the respect of such.

Take That have been through a lot through the years. With the departure of Robbie Williams and Jason Orange, fans wondered if they would be able to continue as a trio. The answer is yes. Barlow, Owen and Donald showed the people of Belfast that they are definitely the fantastic band that they have always been. They do not just disappear; they evolve with the time and circumstance. The screams of hundreds of fans last night was proof enough that the band are here to stay as they definitely delivered and lived up to expectation, giving Belfast a bank holiday to remember. Chantelle Frampton, Photo by Andrew Whitton

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