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REVIEW: Twin Atlantic – Limelight 1, Belfast

wpid-0bo_qnmmigyo3ls7tttr9mksveckzqzld-qr3pwokao.jpgCommencing their biggest UK headline tour to date, Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic kicked things off in Belfast’s Limelight on Friday 1st of May.

After a remarkable year releasing their album ‘The Great Divide’ to tremendous praise, a sold out UK tour and festival slots aplenty the band have had an impressive few months and show no signs of faltering.

Arriving on stage to exhilarating blinding lights the crowd are immediately mesmerised and there is an energised atmosphere surging through the venue. Beginning their set with ‘Make a Beast of Myself’ the Glaswegian foursome makes the perfect introduction to their performance with the songs crashing cymbals and surging guitars.

Having burst onto wpid-zd43bzih3lt8_paswpjokd4gfdjiaazbcom9epbxnje.jpgthe scene with their gritty and wildly entertaining EP ‘Vivarium’ Twin Atlantic were hailed as the freshest alternative rock band to have appeared in some time. However the release of their debut album ‘Free’ revealed a more pop-rock vibe and opened up their fan base to a more mainstream foundation.

With confidence oozing from the band and slick hair flicks from lead singer Sam McTrusty we are presented with an extremely polished and practised band. Making their way through hits such as ‘Lightspeed’ and ‘What is Light, Where is Laughter’ it is testament to the bands ability to continuously write incredibly catchy hooks and lyrics. McTrusty’s thick Scottish intonation only adds further to his charm with the audience in the palm of his hands fiercely swaying their arms and responding to everything he says.

wpid-ak677m7vlahgpzxu1f3ofyriwlzsogyqohhfkwkedti.jpgHowever I did feel that there were points of the performance where some of the songs felt too monotonous and predictable with them seemingly being used to fill the gaps in-between their big hits. Tracks such as ‘Apocalyptic Renegade’ and ‘Yes, I Was Drunk’ fall flat in the chorus and leave an extremely dreary impression. Despite this it has been a while since I witnessed the passion and enthusiasm displayed by the audience members. Throughout the set I heard quite a few fans proclaim that Twin Atlantic was their favourite band and how much they were enjoying the night.

Slowing down their set to perform the emotion soaked ballad ’Crash Land’ it was a nice change of pace and exhibited the bands expressive and sensitive side. The Scottish quartet who has been no strangers to Northern Ireland begin to reminisce of their night playing at Belsonic and it is obvious they have left a very intense impression with their fans remaining loyal.

wpid-hygvryss9_dupatnqge4ujs7_qsgmxvgljn-dycys1g.jpgFan favourite ‘Free’ with its upbeat and catchy chorus has the crowd elated with McTrusty’s powerful vocals and it seems like the perfect finale to the night when the group exit the stage.  Returning moments later to encore we are treated to an astounding drum solo from Craig Kneale which is exhilarating and exciting to watch.

Playing a further three songs as part of their reprisal and ending on their biggest hit to date ‘Heart and Soul’ it has been a truly successful opening night for the bands biggest headline tour and the impact they have made on their fans. Aine Cronin-McCartney,

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