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REVIEW: Absolution Inc. – 7.13 EP

absolutionincAbsolution Inc. are an up and coming Belfast band with their music having a very pop/rock vibe.  The three tracks juxtapose a chilled out tone alongside a dancing around the room and singing at the top of your voice tune. 

The first track, And She Sings, is very mellow to begin with and builds up to a chorus that will definitely have you singing along.  It is very reminiscent of early The Who with their simplistic guitar and the prominent bass solos in the background.

The next track, Independent and 21, starts all out with a heavy intro of guitar which would undoubtedly be the track that gets a crowd jumping around.  This track instantly reminded me of the punk rock music scene of the early noughties.  It sounds as though it would be featured in a Tony Hawk game and would not appear at all out of place.

This very promising EP finishes with the track 7:13.  The track is much softer than its predecessor.  The intro to this song is very emotive, the juxtaposition of acoustic into an electric guitar is very clever and creates two types of elements to the song.  The lyrics follow this idea, especially with the lyrics “So I’ll go to my hole and think, about the things we used to do.  Only you and me.”  The idea of togetherness and loneliness alongside one another throughout this track is a fantastic way to end this EP.

In an EP of three songs, Absolution Inc. have incorporated a number of genres and style whilst staying true to their own unique sound.  The guys have demonstrated that they have a raw talent and this EP is most definitely worth a listen. Chantelle Frampton,

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