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REVIEW: Mandy Bingham – Volume I

mandybinghamVolume I by Mandy Bingham relies on a general folk, and singer-songwriter base, yet easily branches off into various subgenres. Vocally blends styles and prowess; the depth and richness of Mary Fahl of October Project, the classic vibrato of Joan Armatrading, and the blues-rock chick Joan Osborne.

Turn Out the Light opens with an indie-pop, folk-tinged tune. Calm Before the Storm, and Oblivion feature the sexy smokiness of blues-rock. Oblivion is especially keen in this regard. The Chicken Song is definitely a folk tune with strong country western sensibilities.

If This Is Love [the acoustic version] is a delicate, somber song, vocally breathy and heartbreaking. The bonus and particular highlight of this EP is the dazzling Ryan Vail Remix of If This Is Love taking this same tune and turning into a sparkling synthesized Gregorian chant. Just fabulous and a true testament to songwriting.

It’s clear why this EP should be titled Volume I, suggesting there are much more to come, and that we’ve only just scratched the surface of what Mandy Bingham can bring to the table. Noelle Ellis,

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