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REVIEW: Professor Joe O’Sullivan – Take a Deep Breath

wpid-album-cover-take-a-deep-breath.jpg.jpegTake A Deep Breath by Professor Joe O’Sullivan… That’s not a stage name, by the way, the man really is a professor. Professor of oncology at Queen’s University Belfast, to be precise. Take A Deep Breath is the EP written and recorded by the good doctor, elucidating his experiences with his cancer patients.

Admittedly, this qualifies as one of the most interesting writing assignments to come my way.

Beautifully produced by Rocky O’Reilly this pop-folk offering is a touching tribute to those affected by cancer. Having been such person whose life has been shaded by loss due to cancer, this album was particularly poignant. However, even if you haven’t been touched by this disease in one capacity or another, these tracks are still relevant.

Love, loss, sorrow, reflection, resolution, and resignation are all part of the collective human experience. So, those these songs were inspired by rather particular experience and perspective, their universal sentiment is transcendent.

These are honest songs without being preachy. Ingenuous antiphon expressed in mostly ballads. Segueing between pop and folk sensibilities, this album offers a nice sampling.

Highlights include the haunting Only Now with its delicate and resonate cello. City Lights features a tidy guitar solo. And For You and I’m Not Falling are accompanied by charming harmonica; For You, being my personal favorite.

Proceeds from the sale of this album will benefit Friends of the Cancer Centre, a Northern Ireland based cancer charity. Noelle Ellis,

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