09 Jul, Thursday
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REVIEW: The Bronx & Torche – Limelight, Belfast

The Bronx (3)This show was originally intended to be two separate gigs next door to each other. The decision to make it a co-headlining show seemed justified with a room two thirds filled.

Torche arrive onstage after what seems like a never ending wall of feedback and a welcome of “Hello you f******g c***s!”. Their set is a combination of heavier, slower and sludgier numbers, and faster paced mid era songs. They all sound amazing, but momentum gets lost as a pattern of fast song/slow song plays out. This may be a side effect of a shortened set, and this combined with the mixed crowd means their huge sound doesn’t get the reaction it deserves.

The unfamiliar sight of a headliner playing to a smaller crowd than a support band is no doubt due to the merging of the gigs and the fact it’s midweek.

Nobody has told The Bronx though, especially frontman Matt Caughthran. Appearing onstage with sufficient beers to keep him going for a set just over an hour long, they immediately get the crowd moving. The singer spends large periods of the first half in the crowd, aided by security nervously supervising his mic lead.

The band blast through a set, with highlights including ‘Ribcage‘ and ‘Heart Attack American’ and Caughthran revealing he “craves human contact” after spending three months in jail. Numerous google searches don’t support the claims but he is an engaging frontman. The Torche make a brief reappearance with (probably unnecessary) drinks to help celebrate Andrew’s Birthday/end of the Bronx tour/the one-off joint show/any excuse for more drink.

No encore, just a rousing ‘History’s Stranglers’ to round off a somewhat strange but memorable show. Ross Scott,

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