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REVIEW: Jason Derulo – Everything is 4

jasonderuloJason Derulo’s fourth studio album, the aptly named Everything Is 4, truly is THE perfect album for Summer.

Whether you’re staying at home in not-so-sunny Northern Ireland, trying to catch a tan in the back garden or jetting off to a scorching hot country, you NEED to take Mr. Derulo with you (his beautiful vocals, sadly not the man himself).  Despite now having four albums, Jason’s sound has not faltered.  If anything, it has gotten better.  More sexy and sultry than previous albums, Jason incorporates seven featuring artists including; doo wop and bubblegum pop sensation; Meghan Trainor, country crooner; Keith Urban and the goddess herself;  Jennifer Lopez.  Even by reading the tracks on the album cover, it’s clear you are in for a treat.

First up is the chart topping single – “Want To Want Me”.  Released on the 9th of March 2015, it quickly became the most added track in the history of Top 40 Radio – being added to a whopping 156 monitored pop stations, Jason overtook Justin Timberlake’s previous 126 adds to stations.  A massive achievement for being the first single released off Everything Is 4.  “Want To Want Me” is typical of Derulo’s style – suave, sexy and perfect to dance to.

The second track is “Cheyenne” – has Jason found himself a beauty to serenade?  It’s sensual, seductive and is the ultimate song to practice salsa dancing to, with warm rain cascading on a Spanish boulevard.  Yes, I really have thought this through.  Honestly, listen to it and you’ll create your own risqué and raunchy fantasy.

“Love Like That” features American singer/songwriter, K Michelle.  She lends her effortless, soulful pipes to the sensual beat, mixing perfectly with Derulo’s velvety voice – and some sexual murmurs and noises thrown in for good measure.  The track tells the story of JD being in love with his girl – stating “we can’t control ourselves when we on that liquor.”  The pairing of Derulo and K Michelle’s vocals with the naughty message of the song, creates something sensually spectacular.

Painkiller” features American singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor – best known for controversial song “All About That Bass.”  The amalgamation of JD’s sultry and slick voice with Meghan’s blue-eyed soul voice, creates a R&B/doo wop sound.  The track is super catchy and you can’t help but sing and groove along to it.

Track seven, “Broke” includes one of the most loved musical performers of the 20th century – Stevie Wonder – lending his soulful Motown voice.  “Broke” also features country singer/songwriter Keith Urban.  A very strange combination indeed.  But it surprisingly works.  It’s a real toe-tapper and the country sound is apparent with the use of a harmonica, banjo and guitar, plus Keith’s backing vocals.

The final track on Everything Is 4 is “X2CU” or out of text-speak “ex to see you.”  The album closes with a bang as an ex is sent a message that an upgrade has been found, who merely started off as a “sexy rebound” but is now “sleeping next to me now.”  Revenge is tall, dark and handsome it seems.  “X2CU” is one of the best songs on the album.

All in all, like I stated before, you NEED to buy this album.  All tracks are deliciously indulgent and you will most definitely have it on constant loop.  It is very rare to find an album where all the songs are worth listening to, but all songs on Everything is 4 are faultless, the whole album is full of soon-to-be smash hits.  A must-have for Summer. Alannah Houston,


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