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Kris D Marsden - Some King Of single artwork

REVIEW: Kris D Marsden – Some Kind Of

Kris D Marsden - Some King Of single artworkTo put it very bluntly, “Some Kind Of” is fantastic. If this song is the standard of music then I have very high hopes for the quality of Kris Marsden’s forthcoming album “My #9.”

As soon as the instrumental opening started I was instantly reminded of a song that would be played in an episode of True Detective. It made me feel unsettled whilst also intrigued as to what was going to come next. Kris’ voice has a traditional folk sound, yet he has a rawness that allows his to radiate so much emotion within this song.

The lyrics “I am a man, I can survive. The only evil I know is in my heart” stuck out to me in particular as extremely emotive. They enables Kris’ audience to plant their own experience and meaning onto a set of very personal lyrics. He opens it up for his audience to think and explore their memory whilst they listen.

The experimentation with the background vocals within the last minute of the song adds an entire new dimension onto “Some Kind Of”. It instantly made me think of the thoughts in your mind that you may attempt to repress, but they are breaking through. This assumption is somewhat in line with the theme of mental health that is prominent in other singles by Kris D Marsden such as “Never Ending Loop.”

I was incredibly impressed with this single as it opens so many doors to interpretation whilst creating an original and very memorable sound. I am very much excited for the release of Kris’ album “My #9.” Chantelle Frampton,

“Some Kind Of” is due to be released on 24 August 2015.

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