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REVIEW: Luke Keating – On the Rise

lukekeatingLuke Keating’s new album On The Rise could not be more appropriately named. From the success of his debut single “Tonight” there has been much excitement surrounding this album and it has not disappointed.

The record opens with the powerful “Superhuman” with a guitar riff that automatically engages the listener. It is impossible not be sucked into the catchy beat and lyrics. The album goes from strength to strength. The ever popular “Tonight” showcases Luke’s talent for writing and ability to create a song that automatically draws the listener in.

Songs such as “Victim” and “Reload” are bursting with unbelievably catchy rock hooks that will get any person out of their seat and dancing along. Whilst the powerful alternative rock feel of the album is instantly displayed there is a balance between the dark hooks and those songs such as “On The Rise” that show the more mellow tone to Luke’s song writing. This is a fantastic album that has everything a music lover could ever want. On The Rise will only go from strength to strength and could launch Luke Keating to the very top. Alannah Morrow,

Writer for Gigging NI since 2014