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Brass Phantoms - Summer Song

REVIEW: Brass Phantoms – Kaleidoscope/Summer Song

Brass Phantoms - Summer Song

Brass Phantoms are a Dublin based Indie Rock band that have found the perfect balance between chilled out music that you can also sing your heart out to. They are releasing a double A-sided single available digitally on 20th September with the tracks “Kaleidoscope” and “Summer Song” featured.

Placing the two songs together is nothing short of perfect. The intensity of “Kaleidoscope” juxtaposes the much more mellow and rawness of “Summer Song” brilliantly. The intro to “Kaleidoscope” is immediately captivating and very memorable. The guitar and dominant drumming creates a fun yet chilled out atmosphere. The lyrics are also incredibly catchy with lines such as “Out of mind and out of time, you’ll see,” followed by a harmony of backing vocals gives this song a diverse sense with accessible lyrics.

Moreover, “Summer Song” felt like the perfect summer song. The lyrics feel very personal to an individual’s experience yet feels that others could easily relate. I love how instrumentally the song progressively builds up as the vocals remain consistent. It adds an entire new dimension to the song and is extremely memorable. Based on this single release alone, Brass Phantoms are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Chantelle Frampton,

Kaleidoscope/Summer Song are due to be released on 20th September 2015.

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