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18 Jan, Friday
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REVIEW: Bunny & The Banned Its – B.A.T.B.I. Begins


B.A.T.B.I. Begins” by BUNNY & THE BANNED ITS is an asteroidal collision of hip hop and metal. Explosive lyrics are volleyed between thrashing speed metal guitar with blasts of ska punk.

Opening track, Super Smash Foes makes an impressive introduction of rap rhymes and metal guitars.

Open Your Eyes is my personal favorite featuring sultry ska bass notes underscoring the heavy lyrical lines.

Oh, and ps-they like to say fuck; a lot, well, motherfucker to be precise. In particular the track Motherfuckers, as well as plenty of f-bombs in Remember the Name.

This EP is playful and profound and poetic. Would be a shrewd addition to the playlists for fans of Fishbone, Eminem. –Noelle Ellis, GiggingNI

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland