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REVIEW: Darren Hill – Hand of a Wolf

darrenhillhoawThe Belfast music scene is littered with punk rock, classic rock n roll, and other high tempo amp busting music. So sometimes, I think you will agree it’s nice to take a step back and look at what else there is out there, to take a moment to relax and listen to something soothing, something calming, something acoustic. If you agree with my line of thinking here then let me direct you to a local artist by the name of Darren Hill.

Darren has just released his EP ‘Hand Of a Wolf‘, a short 7 track collection of songs for you to sink your teeth into – a great example of what upcoming talent in Belfast has to offer. The EP throughout remains one with a soothing back-tone, with simplistic tunes, accompanied by vocals reminiscent of those heard by bands like The Pixies, the EP presents brilliant songs for we music lovers to branch out and experiment with new names on our track lists.

Songs like ‘Headphones‘ and ‘The Storm‘ are real the real stand-out tracks. The two songs perfectly define the entire EP, fully incorporate the acoustic feeling, the simplistic tunes, storytelling lyrics and nothing too flamboyant, just the music speaking for itself, rather than hiding behind some form of musical face lift like a wall of effects. The EP has a very raw feeling to it, allowing it to seem more relate-able when listening to it.

Now I won’t lie and say it will blow you away, because it wont, nor will I say it will leave you in a musical induced coma…because again, it won’t, but what I will say, is that this EP will introduce you to a brilliant upcoming talent, someone quite possibly to look out for, to go see next time they play live in one of our many bars in Belfast. The EP will do exactly what it’s meant to do, make you listen with content, leave you with a satisfying feeling, and have you notice the talents of Darren Hill. A great EP, and one I would recommend you the reader check out. Niall Donnelly,

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