24 May, Friday
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REVIEW: Dream Awake – Pathfinder


Opening mini track Aurora is the teaser with eerie intro, tidy drum riffs, and the tantalizing whisper, “This is not a dream…”

This is the perfect segue into the remaining tracks; for they do favor a dream-like quality. The unearthly lucidity of dream state paired with hot, feverish disturbances.

Title track, Pathfinder, along with Illuminate with their Jekyll and Hyde vocal delivery of sentiment are tied in first for most wanted. Although the gritty romance of Illuminate makes it my personal favorite.

Departure brings it down a bit; comparatively speaking; though is still potent with its sultry opening and throbbing guitar work. This is a sexy song, simple as.

It seems counter intuitive to have “melodic” and “hardcore” in the same sentence, but this dichotomous union just works. The vocal sparring between hardcore growl and sweet melodies, tempered by apt musicianship rather defines the genre. Fans of such acts as Pierce the Veil, and Blink 182 will want to add DREAM AWAKE to their playlists. –Noelle Ellis, GiggingNI


NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland