04 Jul, Saturday
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REVIEW: Ruairi & The Owls – Lying Eyes

ruairiandtheowlsWell crafted melodies, a simple drumbeat and well thought out lyrics bring this beautiful song together. Starting off with subtle piano playing and launching into a great guitar riff and drumbeat set this song up perfectly before the featured singer Jessica Doherty starts singing elegantly.

The song almost tells a story of a love triangle where people are lying to each other to hide the fact that they are cheating on their partners whilst going through their everyday lives. The speed of the song and the combination and back and forth of Ruairi Connolly’s vocals met with the delicate tones of Jessica Doherty compliment each other perfectly, and make the song truly stand out.

This song is a great listen and the collaboration between both extremely skilled artists who have worked hard on this track shows skills that has made them the artists they are, and is simply fantastic. Matt Halliday,

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