21 Oct, Wednesday
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SCREAMING EAGLESWith all the variations, genres, and the myriad of subgenres, you forget sometimes how potent pure, undiluted rock n roll can be. Screaming Eagles are that straight shot of adrenaline, with their head banging, mosh pit sensibilities and stadium rock vocals.

If you spliced Foo Fighters with Thin Lizzy this would be the sound, and the track you want especially is Save Me. When that voice belts out the chorus, even those in the cheap seats in the back will get goosebumps.

Bow Down to the Blues is where the Thin Lizzy comparison enters in. As is evident in the title, there is a sexy, blues rock reminiscent of Phil’s smoky, full bodied voice.

Club hits more melodic metal notes; but all in all this record is all about rock. The rest of the tracks do possess a more grundge like feel, but with bigger, better, faster guitar. In particular a rather tasty solo on Get Out While I Can.

Stand Up and Be Counted, the LP by NornIron’s Screaming Eagles should assure their inevitable ascent. Noelle Ellis, Gigging NI.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland