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Interview: Heart Of A Coward

heart of a cowardHeart of a Coward are a band that have been making waves in the British metal scene recently, having toured with Sikth and Machine Head at the end of last year as well having headlined Tech-Fest and opening the Main Stage at Download Festival this year.

Gigging NI’s Connor Morris spoke with frontman of the band, Jamie Graham, ahead of their headline shows in Voodoo, Belfast and Unleashed Festival in Dublin at the end of this month.

You played Ghostfest in Leeds and Bristol over the weekend, how was that?

It was great! Sadly it was also the last Ghostfest apparently… It was cool to be a part of it. We bumped into some friends in bands we don’t get to see often and the show itself was awesome.

How did it feel to open the main stage at Download this year?

As you would expect, it felt amazing! Sadly it was blighted somewhat by pouring it the fuck down all weekend but we had a lot of fun. We dubbed that year ‘Drownload’…

The new songs that have been released so far seem to be a lot more melodic than your previous work, but still retain a lot of the heaviness, is this something you made an effort to do or was it more of a natural thing?

I think we’ve always had a sense of melody there but it was a case of making sure that it started to serve the song, rather than just be there for the sake of being there. I think with this album we’ve managed to get a lot of diversity in there without losing focus.

Would you say the songs released so far are a good reflection of how the album sounds as a whole?

Probably not to be honest, apart from “Hollow”. All of the songs are pretty different so you’ll just have to listen to the record and make your own mind up! It’s definitely got a lot more to get into on a repeated listen than ‘Severance’ in terms of dynamics.

Are there any song in particular that you’re especially looking forward to being able to share with people?

I’m really looking forward to playing “Miscreation” live, it’s just super heavy. There’s a two-parter that closes the album too which we like a lot.

You’re playing your debut Irish show in Belfast before headlining Unleashed Festival in Dublin the night after, are you looking forward to this?

Massively so. We’ve been wanting to get out to Ireland for ages, it’s just been a matter of when! Unleashed should be cool, we checked out a lot of the bands playing and there’s some strong stuff there. Plus the beer is amazing.

Can your fans in Ireland look forward to hearing much new material in Belfast and Dublin?

Yes we will be playing a bunch of new stuff as well as songs from the first two records.

What does next year have in store for Heart of a Coward?

Plenty of touring and festivals, hopefully a U.S. and Australian tour, tons of stuff in the pipeline. We just want to get this album out first!

If you were able to tour with ANY band, who would it be and why?

We toured with Machine Head last year which was pretty awesome. In terms of touring with ANY band, dead or alive, I would say Pantera in their prime, although we would never be able to keep up with them with the drinking… Now, probably Killswitch Engage, Slipknot or Meshuggah.

Heart of a Coward play Voodoo in Belfast on September 24th Thurs with Making Monsters and By Conquest Or Consent as support.

They also headline Unleashed Festival in The Grand Social in Dublin on the 25th with Beholder, Red Enemy and more.

Writer and Editor for Gigging NI.