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REVIEW: Mick Foley – Empire Music Hall, Belfast

Mick Foley promo image

The Empire Music Hall in Belfast is a quaint little venue that brings together shows that entertain a crowd from comedy to music and showcases local talent to exceptional tribute acts. For two sold-out shows (9th/10th September) we had a guy that is known worldwide for putting his body on the line in a great career in wrestling and that man is Mick Foley. Throughout a glittering career he redefined putting your body on the line. He got himself thrown off the top of one of the most brutal cages in a match entitled Hell in a Cell, and constantly thought of new ways in order to entertain and strike fear into the eyes of his opponents during his promos for matches.

In the shows he brings across the waters to fans of the Hardcore Legend, Foley (perhaps better know as Cactus Jack) regales people with stories from his past experiences in the ring and behind the scenes on the road and further afield of what life was like as a wrestler. He interacts with the crowd exceptionally well whilst telling the stories and talks to the audience with glee and draws them in with a powerful aura of a perfect storyteller that makes you think that you were there.

Now whilst I could go on about Mick himself I must give a great mention to stand-up Rua Ward who opened the show for Mr. Foley. He came on for the second night in a row. Having grown up in Northern Ireland and being a wrestling fan he was able to interact with the crowd brilliantly with his comedic skills involving both current affairs in Northern Ireland and also a couple of wrestling jokes.

The whole night had a laid-back attitude to it and after Mick Foley was done regaling the crowd with his stories they had a “question and answer” section in which the audience asked Mick questions about his career and his views on other things in wrestling today. If you get the chance to see a show filled with excitement, laughter and a person who can capture an audience’s attention in a blink of an eye from start to finish Mick Foley would be right up your street. Matt Halliday,

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