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REVIEW: Don’t Shoot – That’s The Truth Even If It Never Happened

DontShoot_OmaghThe EP, named ‘That’s The Truth Even If It Never Happened’, holds an 8 track list with two interludes and some seriously impressive tunes to boast about. The EP has a youthful feel to it, with the songs showing that the bands members can take it in turns to sing their piece, synchronizing with harmonies and layering songs with brilliant instrumental rhythms and sonic backbones from 6 string effects.

A real stand out for me on this EP was as song titled ‘Dance with Sincerity‘. The track continues on after the opening instrumental piece on the EP named ‘Legless Heartless‘. It begins with a simple guitar flick played over and over to accompany lead vocals that compliment the song perfectly (it has to be mentioned, it is easy to recognize real talent when you hear it, and the vocals on this EP do just that), before blasting into a highly addictive and catchy chorus, that I promise will burrow its way into your head and stay there, making you want to listen to the song over and over again.

The album has other standouts however, these include the emotionally fueled ‘Bye Bye Blue‘. This song has a hauntingly beautiful sound to it, the echo applied to the vocals and instruments allow every note sung and plucked to ring out for a second or two after being played, creating a soft, relaxed atmospheric presence to surround the song throughout. A song that firmly grabs onto and pulls on the heartstrings.

To conclude I’ll say this, to ignore my words here and not download the EP once it is released on Friday the 4th of December will be a bigger mistake than the man who wears Crocs and thinks, “yeah, I look good” (you don’t mate…). An EP filled with exciting, highly addictive, beautifully composed songs that will surely launch Don’t Shoot even further into the public eye, and make some tsunami sized waves on the local music scene. Niall Donnelly, GiggingNI

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