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REVIEW: Sintasia – No Looking Back

sintasiaNo Looking Back is the new 9 track EP just recently released by a new name on the Northern Ireland music scene, Sintasia. Although the name may be as new to you as it is to me, the members are not so new to the stage, being made up of individuals already well accustomed to the world of deafening amps and the smell of Magners spilled over a dance floor, mixed with that sweaty ambiance only a crowd jammed into a room too small to hold them can muster up, whilst they blast through a set list designed to make ears ring once silence makes its way back to their lives.

The EP is refreshingly simple, not to say it doesn’t hold some complex songs, but that it does exactly what it says on the tin. Its hard rock, with no messing about or weird experimenting, it’s clear this band have a musical direction at the moment and are sticking to it, staying true to a sound they have defined themselves with. It’s heavy, it’s hard hitting, it’s got killer solos you need to listen to loud, it has the gut crunching drum fills you want to hear, the solid bassy backbone that carries the tunes to the next level, and the vocals to underline it all with that, “yep, this shit rocks” sorta feeling.

Two stand out tracks on the EP for me would be ‘Awaken‘ and ‘I’m Not The One Insane’. Both songs show the bands capability to create a great balance between easy to listen to hard rock, which is not as easy as it sounds. ‘Awaken’ is a big stand out track for me especially, one in which I would encourage anyone to download, even just to hear the solo that kicks in at around the three minute mark (turn that shit up loud). The EP in all is fit for any of our local stages, and I’m sure will go down an absolute storm when played loud to those willing to headbang and sacrifice their ability to hear for a great night out. Niall Donnelly,

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