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Review: The Crossfire Hurricanes – Morning After Showdown

indexAs soon as the guitar kicked off the introduction to the “Morning After Showdown” I knew I was going to love it.

The catchy rhythm alongside the heavy drumming created a huge anticipation for the rest of the song. The strong vocals kicked in and juxtaposed the raw and heavy vibe perfectly.

The lyrics are fantastic. As the band states, they are “storytelling lyrics struggling to recall a night of pure debauchery”, and you can’t deny that the song attempts to recreate a not so clear image of the night before, which never quite becomes finished. This is an event that I am sure quite a few of us have experienced.

The opening lyrics of “Morning sun, another night of heavy drinking done. Before my feet have even touched the floor, busy thinking of the night before” set this song off brilliantly. Instantly you’re disoriented and wondering where this is going. In the end you don’t get any real answers, you’ve just delved into a good time with a hazy memory.

Based on this single alone, The Crossfire Hurricanes are definitely a band I would love to hear more of. I could definitely see them hitting it big as this single is not only original, but incredibly honest whilst remaining relatable. It’s about a personal experience that is willing to be explored by the audience. Everything about this song was brilliant from the vocals to the instrumental and the lyrics (and arguably the experience that inspired the song). Chantelle Frampton,

Morning After Showdown” will be released 10th October ’15

Writer and Editor for Gigging NI.