21 Sep, Saturday
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REVIEW: VANT – Voodoo, Belfast

wpid-fb_img_1446207659379.jpgTonight showed that rock music in whatever form you desire is not dead and that Voodoo Bar in Belfast shows us that they can sprinkle some magic and produce two exceptional young upcoming bands by the names of The Late Twos and VANT.

The Late Twos are a good solid five piece local Indie Rock band from Belfast.

The band themselves come across like just a bunch of friends enjoying their time on the stage, but with songs like “Sierra Leone” and “Get Down Before I Pull You Down” they show incredible ability and range in both vocals and their craftsmanship of songs.

If you haven’t seen them yet I do suggest going to a show as they are entertaining to watch and enjoy good fun with the crowd.

VANT are relatively new to the music scene but are being raved about; their song “Parasite” was loved so much by Zane Lowe that he played it three times in one show.

The band came on stage and burst straight into “The Answer” and were constantly urging the crowd forward to join them. Blasting through their set, they reminded me of early days Nirvana,  when grunge and Kurt Cobain set the world alight with their style of music and songs that really made you think.

Halfway through the set they made reference to BBC Radio 1 adding their song “Parking Lot” to their ‘In New Music We Trust’ playlist before playing the track itself with high intensity and absolute precision.

At the end of the night they thanked everyone coming out to support them and invited them to come have a drink, if they weren’t working the next day. It was an absolutely fantastic night with two great bands who interact with fans brilliantly – even off stage – and are really down to earth. If you get the opportunity I say definitely go and say hello whilst listening to fantastic music. Matthew Halliday,

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