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REVIEW: Wookalily – All While the Waiting

WookalilyWhere have Wookalily been all my life!? Upon listening to the first song on their debut album ‘All the While Waiting’ I knew this record was going to epic.  The opening song ‘Hands Pass in Time’ begins as slow yet captivating, before bursting into a really upbeat melody in which you can’t help getting swept up in.

Songs such as ‘See Me For You’ and ‘Don’t Speak to the Devil’ build throughout to expose an incredible energetic instrumental performance. Along with the energetic country flair the album is filled with beautiful melodies and stunningly poetic lyrics.  ‘Diamonds and Golds’ possesses soft guitars and banjos and a beautiful vocal that can only be described as serene. ‘Fire Below’ and ‘Broken In Two’ display an emotional side to the record.  Soft melodies and vocals combine to create a really heartfelt song that captivates the listener. 

The entire record is one of beauty.  For all those people who are fans of Nashville, especially Clare Bowens (AKA Scarlett), work, then this album is for you. A blue-grass, folk, acoustic combination that is mesmerizing.  I am totally in love with it and I am sure everyone who comes across it will be too. Alannah Morrow,

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