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Lonely the Brave on stage at Dr Marten's Stand for Something tour

INTERVIEW: Lonely the Brave

lonely the braveLonely the Brave have quite a modest background. There’s no real jaw-dropping facts. There are no ex-members of past bands looking to rekindle stardom. It’s honestly just good real music.

It feels like they are telling you a story but more importantly they want you to be a part of their journey. In fact, you are the main character. You are centre stage. You are a part of the epic swells and impressive breakdowns throughout their debut album The Day’s War.

As part of the Dr Martens and DIY magazine Stand for Something Tour 2015, Lonely the Brave were the headline act at the impressively-filled Limelight 2 for their debut show in Belfast on Saturday 7th November. Luckily enough, I had the chance to talk with them ahead of their show during their busy schedule on their tour that will reach other European countries.

Q. The band formed in 2009 – six years ago – what were your main reasons for you starting a band and making music together?

“Yeah, it must have been about that. Basically, all of our other bands imploded at the same time and we all wanted to continue making music of some form. We had no agenda, nor a particular style that we wanted to play. We just kept writing and rehearsing to see what would come out. It was just the four of us locked in a shitty room in the middle of nowhere. That’s how The Day’s War came to life.”

Q. And your debut record ‘The Day’s War’ was released last year – would it be fair to say that it too that time to get it out due to waiting to get the perfect album out at the perfect time?

“We just didn’t have any reason to rush making/releasing the record at all. As far as we were concerned we were just going to self release it as we had built up a smallish following in our hometown. We had absolutely no idea that labels and management and everything else that comes along with the music industry would get involved in it. We have our long term friend/manager James Parrish to thank for that, really. And our other manager Wez for taking a punt on us and putting us on his label, Hassle Records. I’d been buying albums from them for years. Proper dream come true for me.”

Q. I personally discovered you via a Biffy Clyro session with Zane Lowe on TV when he recommended you as ones to watch – were you aware of this and what do you think of Zane?

“I heard about that. It’s just nice to be talked about in that way by people of that musical stature. Zane has done a hell of a lot for our band and I think that he just gets what we’re about. I’ve met him a few times and he’s a really lovely dude. And very handsome.”

Lonely the Brave - Belfast - Tremaine Gregg

Lonely the Brave – Belfast – Tremaine Gregg

Q. You’ve just begun your own headline tour across the UK are you looking forward to it?

“Yeah, totally. I love touring. I’m much happier on the road and playing shows than I am doing other parts of this weird little business. I don’t derive much pleasure from being in the studio at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like the finished product when you leave the studio, but playing shows is where it’s at for me.”

Q. And you’re travelling to Germany and the Netherlands. Have you played there before? What are you guys expecting there?

“Been over to both places on many occasions. I love going over to Europe and these shows are going to be really special for us. I love Germany but I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Holland. It’s just the pace of life that really appeals to me. Some of the shows have sold out, and the rest look like they’re going to follow suite.”

Q. You played at Reading and Leeds last year – do you have any updates on any festivals you may be playing at next year?

“Reading was a big show for us. Been going to it for years and to finally play that main stage was a real bucket list moment. If it all ends tomorrow then I can’t complain at all. As far as I know we don’t have any booked yet. I’m sure we’ll be popping up at a few.”

Q. Have you guys been writing your new album and when can people expect a release?

“The album is basically finished. We need to pop back in to the studio and tidy a few bits up but it’s pretty much all done. It’ll be out early summer.”

Lonely the Brave played at Dr Martens and DIY’s Stand for Something Tour 2015 – read our review of the show here. Their debut album The Day’s War is available now.

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