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Mary Coughlan to Play Belfast – 26th November

mary coughlanMary Coughlan will be performing in the Black Box, Belfast on 26th November 2015.

Her Scars on the Calendar album was released in the summer of 2015. It is Coughlan’s first album of new material since 2008’s The House of Ill Repute and for the new album she was reunited with long-time collaborator and producer Erik Visser. Their working relationship began over 30 years ago and this is the ninth album produced for her by Visser.

Scars on the Calendar features entirely new compositions from Mary, Erik Visser and Antoinette Hensey plus two tracks from Mark Nevin (Fairground Attraction) who previously composed ‘Like A Leaf From A Tree” for her.

Her website tells us  -“She evidently detests the stage Irishry which persists to this day in Riverdance, U2 and The Corrs. But in her curt consonants, luxuriant plosives and Dub dipthongs she is nakedly Irish, Galway born, the daughter of a Donegal soldier and a Connemara woman. Yeats wrote, “Out of our quarrel with others, we make rhetoric. Out of our quarrel with ourselves, we make poetry.” Out of her quarrels Mary Coughlan has made some of the best music in these islands for twenty-five years. And it’s time she was applauded for that.”

For tickets please click here – Mary Coughlan at The Black Box


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