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REVIEW: January – Sad Songs

wpid-fb_img_1448716785610.jpgThree piece Belfast based emo punk band January have recently unleashed their two track EP, titled Sad Songs. The two songs are filled with a youthful energy and do both hold merit within them. Their track ‘Polar’ from the EP has already been selected as Across The Line’s track of the day, so already the songs seem to be making a positive impact on the local scene for the band.

However, it would be wrong to just blindly big the songs up, as vocally I do not believe they are up to the standards of what they could achieve. In saying that, the vocals for the chorus in ‘Daydreaming’ are excellent, they accompany the fast paced energetic feel of the song perfectly. It’s the verses in this track that I find begin to lack the necessary impact to keep the song afloat from chorus to chorus. We find the same story again when listening to ‘Polar’, the vocals unfortunately fall short of the mark set by the great guitar riffs, solid bass lines and excellent drumming.

Having said that however, the song ‘Polar’ was selected by Across The Line as their track of the day, so perhaps it’s a matter of personal preference rather than something one person can sum up in an article.

I would most certainly advise you to give these songs a listen yourself and be your own judge, as there is an awful lot to highlight about these two songs that are pretty damn impressive. The drumming on both tracks are outstanding, providing a thunderous backbone to the songs, especially on the track ‘Polar’. On top of that the guitar riffs and bass lines add real impact to the songs, allowing them to go from a real subdued feel, then blast into an intense chorus with simplistic yet effective guitar flicks thrown in for good measure. Niall Donnelly, GiggingNI

Apart from a few months living in Prague I've lived my whole life in Ireland. I've always been involved with the music scene from the moment I was given the opportunity. Joining the GiggingNI team was just the next step for me. A way in which I would be able to share with readers the great music that's surrounding us. We don't need to wait for the Arctic Monkeys or the Foo Fighters to come to us to experience a great gig, we can find it all on our own doorstep most weekends. But anyway, hope you enjoy my articles and get to see some great new bands from it, or at least have some great nights out.