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16 Jan, Wednesday
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80’s synth pop often suggests quite a bit a fluff, not so with this record. True to the musical sensibilities, Time Wasting As Usual carries much more substance in the lyrics. Last spring I had a taste of these tracks on John Gillen’s EP Empires and now with the full length LP Time Wasting As Usual it’s the entrée where Empires was the mouth-watering appetizer.

Made In Chelsea is the money song on the record. It grabbed my attention several months ago and I was pleased to find it on this album. A terrific dance track that feels both familiar and fresh.

Taking Score, Hands, and Constellations stray from the dance club synth pop genre into alluring ballads; whereas Rain On Me bridges these two modes. Constellations still my personal favorite of these more delicate offerings.

A provocative collection of tracks, not to mention a must have for dance clubs, house parties, long drives…well, pretty much anytime, anywhere. Fans of Bronski Beat and Bastille will definitely want to add this to their playlists. Noelle Ellis, GiggingNI

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland