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REVIEW: Red Robb – Oceans Deep

Red-RobbNorthern Ireland music is booming as of late, with so many new bands emerging from the silence trying to take over the already established faces, playing desperately to be heard. It’s a difficult task to achieve, a seemingly impossible wall to get over. One of these acts is Red Robb, a solo artists taking on the burden of this difficult task alone…and from what he has already achieved with his debut single ‘Oceans Deep’…seems to be succeeding 

The song has been heard on an international level thanks to the beauty of iTunes, allowing it to achieve status in the iTunes chats in Moldova’s top 20, Thailand’s top 30 and more impressively of course in the USA’s top 20, the song has also been popping up in other countries charts on iTunes, and no matter how small the country may seem, it is nothing for a upcoming singer songwriter to merely shrug off. 

The song itself is brilliant, a real gem in the rough.  A very simplistic song, with roots clearly taken from folk music with an applied pop twist, it ticks all the boxes needed for a debut single. A great sound, a unique voice, it by no means fits any sort of mold already out there that may allow us to mistake it for a boring repeat of what’s been heard, and most importantly perhapsits pleasantly catchy. So catchy to a point where I have listened to it already 5 or 6 times, and I can assure you the reader will fall victim of the same result. 

After talking with the man himself, Red Robb was able to confirm with me that he has more to come, and soon! With another new single already on its way, the release of the album and gigs to follow, exciting things are sure to be on the horizon after the release of ‘Oceans Deep’, and I for one am looking forward to seeing what comes next for this brilliant singer songwriter. Niall Donnelly, GiggingNI 

Apart from a few months living in Prague I've lived my whole life in Ireland. I've always been involved with the music scene from the moment I was given the opportunity. Joining the GiggingNI team was just the next step for me. A way in which I would be able to share with readers the great music that's surrounding us. We don't need to wait for the Arctic Monkeys or the Foo Fighters to come to us to experience a great gig, we can find it all on our own doorstep most weekends. But anyway, hope you enjoy my articles and get to see some great new bands from it, or at least have some great nights out.