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REVIEW: Shoot The Messenger – License To Kill

shootthemessengerniWhen I initially listened to Shoot the Messenger’s “License to Kill” my first thought was ‘this sounds just like any other song.’  Whilst the bass and drumming was interesting, the guitar quickly overshadowed this.  I felt it was too prominent for how generic and boring it was.  The vocals then kicked in which felt somewhat forced as opposed to a genuine singing voice which made the lyrics quite hard to understand.  My like for the song began to deteriorate.

However, when the chorus kicked in this opinion quickly changed as the single had done a complete turnaround.  The vocals were much more natural and reminiscent of 1990s Courtney Love.  Everything was stepped up as the song came together as opposed to feeling very mandatory.

The vocals saved it for me as they became natural and angry as opposed to trying to sound edgy.  The guitar work in the last minute of the song is completely different to the intro.  Whilst I thought the guitar was boring I was definitely proven wrong as the solo added an extra dimension to the song and avoided being generic.  It complimented the vocals and lyrical content perfectly.

On the whole the beginning of this song was a let-down and I felt like it was going to be bland and predictable.  This however, was turned around and became a decent and enjoyable single that is definitely worth checking out. Chantelle Frampton,

London girl in Belfast. I was born to live in the Seventies and I am obsessed with Stevie Nicks.