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EQ1NIXI first became aware of EQ1NIX when Siobhan Murphy attended a show promoted by our friends at SONI. She described them as “extremely down to earth,” “likeable” and mentioned how passionate they were. I believe the latter is the key ingredient.

In November, EQ1NIX kindly accepted our invitation to play at our launch night in the Pavilion, Belfast on Saturday 12th December 2015. I was delighted. Their single ‘Hidden Truth’ is truly one of the best pieces of the local music I’ve listened to. It has the perfect amount of hooks and the chorus is simply delightful. I believe EQ1NIX are onto the great things and I hope they continue their rise throughout Northern Ireland before looking to take things further afield. Ahead of the show on 12th December, I wanted to give you an insight into the four-piece and how it all came about.

For those who are unaware of who EQ1NIX are, can you tell us where you’re from and how you formed?

“EQ1NIX began as an adventure to further our skills in the electronic rock genre.  This was when the band was just a duo, just Colin on lead vocals and Gavin on lead guitar. We wanted to enchant our songs with synthesizers and drum loops, whilst still maintaining a sense of modern rock.

Although we had fun being just a duo, it was a lot of work onstage, which we felt took away from the energy of our performances. So we decided to expand the band by recruiting Chris on bass and Ronnie on drums and incidentally, this changed the whole sound and direction of the band. We now go for more of an indie rock feel, adopting more of a rock band dynamic with the synths taking a bit of a backseat.”

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It’s also an unusual band name too – is there an explanation behind that? Where did it come from?

“We were toying around with the name “Equinox” for a while; we really liked that. However, we thought there was still something missing, with the bands sound being heavily influenced by electronic music we wanted something that would stand out and have a bit of a digital vibe. So we sort of played around with Equinox and ended up with EQ1NIX.”

Can you tell us your journey so far? What do you feel has been your major achievements to date?

“As a duo we played at Chordblossom’s Kickstarter final showcase, a packed out Speakeasy in 2014, which was pretty great for a first gig. We’ve only been gigging as a 4 piece since this June though and have had some equally great times in that short time frame. We reached the final of the Jagermeister Battle of the Bands in our first 3 gigs, played The Empire Music Hall, and we recently headlined Bar Sub in Queens Students Union as a fundraiser to record our debut EP, which was an incredible night. Hearing the crowd sing the lyrics back to us is something we’re not going to forget for a while! We’ve also recorded two singles with Neal Calderwood up at Manor Park Studios that we’re immensely proud of, which have received radio play from the likes of Across The Line and Blast 106. So it’s been a pretty good half a year!”

How  you would describe your music to others?

“Catchy vocal melodies, big choruses, upbeat and powerful drums. We are a band who enjoys thick riffs that are memorable to the ear and not targeted at a selective audience. They are for everyone to enjoy and dance to.”

The Northern Irish music scene is quite strong and you’ve been quite active locally.  Would it be fair to say you’ve been slowly building up your reputation?

“It was a bit of a slow start initially; we really took our time with writing the new material and getting everything ready for when we made our way onto the scene. Lately though we’re delighted to be getting some good momentum and we aim to keep that going and improve on it.”

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What are your aspirations for the future? Where do you want EQ1NIX to be this time next year and then in five years?

“Ultimately we want to take our music to a bigger and wider audience. We all have dream venues that we would love to play at some point; Mandela Hall is up there as well as King Tuts in Glasgow. In the next year we’ll aim to build ourselves up locally, maybe get some support slots with touring bands to help expose us to new crowds, as well as get a solid body of material recorded. After 5 years we hope we’ll have ticked some of those dream venues off the bucket list and just get out to play in as many new places to as many new faces as we can.”

You’re playing at our launch night on 12th December in the Pavilion, Belfast. How are you feeling ahead of the show?

“We are delighted to be playing the launch night. Many people have been excited to hear that the gigs are coming back and given the great reputation Gigging NI’s gig nights have had before, we were pretty honoured to be asked to headline their return and believe it’s a huge opportunity to showcase what we are capable of. Also happy to be playing with our good friends High Sundays again as we seem to be doing more gigs with them than without them these days! It’s a great line up and it really is not a night to be missed. We can’t wait.”

Gigging NI Launch in the Pavilion, Belfast on Saturday 12th December – RSVP here.


Gigging NI Launch – Saturday 12th December 2015

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