11 Jul, Saturday
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Electric Six will play at the Limelight on 27th November 2015.

REVIEW: Electric Six – Limelight 1, Belfast

Last Friday night at the Limelight in Belfast everyone was dancing, singing and carrying on as if we were back in the days of disco. Three live acts graced the stage in the form of Yip Deceiver, The Whereabouts and Electric Six.

Yip Deceiver, a band hailing from Georgia, kicked the night off with their take on synth pop whilst also incorporating fresh riffs and a rock element to their sets. Their set had a feel to it as if you were experiencing the 70’s and 80’s all over again and hearing someone use synthesisers for the very first time which was very intriguing.

With songs like ‘Color Me In’, ‘Obnoxia’ and ‘Lover’ to name but a few from their album Medallius I seen people dancing the night away throughly enjoying the music they were playing.

As Yip Deceiver closed their set Co. Cavan rockers The Whereabouts took to the stage to set up and begin playing. Donned in their suits and instruments in hand they were slightly different to Yip Deceiver. They played a more rocked up style with an almost New Orleans bluesy feel to it.

With an abundance of energy they were blasting out songs from start to finish from ‘Emmalene’ to ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ and got the ever growing audience warmed up, dancing even more before the main act Electric Six came onstage.

The wait began in The Limelight for Electric Six to come on stage. The anticipation hit an all time high and when the lights went out everyone cheered frantically as the band came onstage. They opened with thanking the crowd for coming out to watch them before launching into a selection of songs both old and new including ‘Synthesizer’ and ‘Roulette’.

Throughout the show they really got the crowd moving with everyone dancing, jumping and singing. They hit old favourites ‘Gay Bar’ and ‘Danger! High Voltage’ from their first album with a rapturous response from the fans, and interacted with the crowd brilliantly to bring together all the hard work the two support acts produced to create a fantastic buzz about the place that you never wanted to end.

Alas however the night had to end and it ended on a high with ‘Dance Commander’ as the encore and gave everyone the chance to dance further into the night. Matt Halliday,

27 years old, keen music lover from a very young age. The atmosphere in live shows is always electric and the buzz that every fan feels when the performer or act hits the stage is just something you cannot feel whilst listening on a radio or iPod.