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REVIEW: Martin Byrne – Mydidae

mydidaeOne of the most interesting reviews I’ve done in a while. Instrumental works often are. The song still tells its story, yet they get into your head quite differently than tracks with lyrics.

Mydidae Theme I is a luminous tune with movie score intensity and polish. A beautiful acoustic story told through guitar. Theme II relies on eerie synths and sound effects with the same panache.

A couple of reprises and then a gorgeous ending, titled simply, Mydidae Ending, Mydidae reads like a collection of paintings. The soft water color sounds of the acoustic guitar, to the thick, shiny daubs of synthesizers. The attention to light and shadow shows up in mood and sentiment. This collection of tracks, is in itself, a work of art. Noelle Ellis, GiggingNI


NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland