REVIEW: Monkey Bath – What Would Leeroy Do

After listening to the debut EP What Would Leeroy Do from Monkey Bath I am stoked to see what they do to follow on from this. I am really excited with the indie rock vibe mixed with a bit of blues. The rhythm and well crafted lyrics and music is great to listen to.

One particular highlight, and possibly my favourite song, on the EP is ‘Eden‘. The song itself is great and is the standout in my eyes with a fantastic bass line and a bluesy twang to it. The title track ‘Godsong‘ that was released in December was also good but as far as a great hook to grab people ‘Eden‘ is the star for me.

This EP is a great debut and I can see why the band have been featured on Across The Line and have been playing constantly in venues across Belfast with SONI. They fully deserve the positive reviews and feedback if they keep churning out music like this.