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18 Jan, Friday
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REVIEW: The Coronas & Pleasure Beach – Ulster Hall, Belfast

The Coronas returned to Belfast, greeted to rapturous applause from the packed out Ulster Hall and a sea of fans hell bent on seeing their favorite musicians tear up the stage and show others there that may not have been so familiar with their music, what being a Corona fan is all about.

Standing in the crowd it was easy to tell, as the band came out with wide eyes and smiles slapped across their face, Belfast could well and truly be seen as a second home for them.

Pleasure Beach
, a homegrown Indie – Synth Pop group kicked the night off with some impressive tunes, they showcased the best stuff they had to offer and the Belfast crowd was more than willing to accept the songs on offer and I wouldn’t be surprised if this impressive band gained some well earned notoriety with new fans. They looked like they enjoyed every moment on stage and provided a perfect build up to the headliners setting foot on stage. Id certain watch the band closely in the coming year or two, as success seems merely a tour away for this group.


Pleasure Beach live at the Ulster Hall

Pleasure Beach live at the Ulster Hall

Once the music had settled and lights dimmed down from Pleasure Beach, a short wait had to be endured by the eager crowd, being there in the crowd it was impossible to miss that anticipation was growing and a flood of excitement was just waiting to burst out of the crowd once the Coronas took to the stage. Then as the lights went out, that oh so familiar sound of a synth playing showed it was time to blow the roof off the place.

The band appeared from the darkness and were met with the uncontrollable cheers and applause from the crowd. Once ready the band blasted into ‘How This Goes’, turning those static Corona fans into arm waving maniacs jumping around and sending waves of adrenaline through the crowd. The Coronas played for over an hour, filling the time with fast paced hit songs and slow ballads, giving the gig a brilliant feel to it, catering to all the fans. They played songs such as ‘All The Others’, ‘Tell Me Again’, ‘San Diego Song’ and ‘Heroes For Ghosts’. During ‘Mark My Words’, Danny O’Reilly, marked the night with a truly memorable moment as he leapt into the masses, crowd surfing and making sure the concert ended with a bang.

The Coronas live on stage at the Ulster Hall

The Coronas live on stage at the Ulster Hall

The night was an all round brilliant example of why the band have done so well over the past few years. They have continued to work hard, building up loyal fan bases where ever they go, one of which is present here in our city of Belfast. The band explained how last time they were here they played in the Limelight, to just a handful of people (a lucky group I’d say), and now were standing on the stage in front of a pack out Ulster Hall, something that blew them away.

The Coronas live on stage at the Ulster Hall

The Coronas live on stage at the Ulster Hall, Belfast

It’s clear to see they have clawed their way up the music ladder, letting nothing hold them back, not relying on mere luck of a hit single, but the old fashioned way of working hard and playing live. A great night for all who where there, a memorable night for the band I’m sure, and I look forward to seeing them again in what could be an even bigger venue next time round.

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