19 Aug, Monday
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Foxes & Matt Wills – Limelight, Belfast

The night of The Limelight’s infamous Circus club night, bouncers began their work slightly earlier and doors were opened at the earlier time of 7pm for adoring fans of Louisa Rose Allen, better known as her stage name – Foxes.

Over the years The Limelight has continued to keep on growing as an unsurpassed gig venue, which is why it was no surprise that this is where Foxes began day 1 of the tour. The night began with support from up and coming singer songwriter Matt Wills, who took the crowd with great ease, setting the perfect tone for the night ahead.


As anticipation grew for the alluring voice of Foxes to take to the stage, phones were poised with Snapchat at the ready, fans eager to capture the moment the tour began. Not one to leave the fans waiting, Foxes was on stage in no time and straight into popular hit Body Talk. The combination of Foxes distinctive voice and undeniable charm and beauty had the crowd quickly stuffing their phones into back pockets and all eyes were on her and that’s where they remained the rest of the night.

As the night progressed on it was clear to see that Limelight was the perfect choice for the tour to kick off in rather than a large arena. Limelight was both big enough for fans to fill up and small enough for Foxes to connect with the crowd, which she done so throughout. Her excitement, passion and contagious energy for the first night of the tour transpired throughout, which left the audience unable, nor wanting to, stand still. The bars in Limelight, where it’s usually a struggle to shout your order in, were left empty throughout the set, nobody wanting to tear their eyes away from Foxes or turn their backs in fear of missing out.


As Foxes broke into the very underrated Youth, no amount of Snapchat videos were going to capture the sheer quality and rawness of her voice, no matter how good the camera was on the phone. It was in those moments that Foxes moved with such energy and charisma from side to side of the stage dressed all in black and sporting short hair, different to that the fans became so used to within her earlier music videos, that I knew that the next time anybody stated that the remix of this song was better I knew they would be fighting a losing battle.

Foxes maintained her high energy throughout the night, delivering flawlessly to the audience tracks from her second studio album, All I Need, which was released earlier this month. Mixing it up slightly she then went into a slowed down cover of Justin Bieber’s Sorry and in the time playing it, I’m sure to say it’s fair to say that many of the audience, including myself, forgot that it wasn’t in fact her track, given the hauntingly perfect way she delivered it.

Foxes Belfast

The audience were then treated to the performance of an unreleased track – Light Me Up, which fairly got things moving once again among the crowd, fortunate enough to get to hear this track for the first time. Going quicker than I realised, the set began to draw to an end but not before Foxes was encouraged to do an encore, to which she more than happily obliged, bounding back on stage with her unaltered energy to break into the upbeat tracks of Clarity and Let’s Go For Tonight. This fairly got things moving fast among the crowd, nobody wanting her to say those words “this is the last track of the night”.

As all good things must come to an end, those words were unfortunately said and Foxes left the stage, but not without the cheers and wolf whistles that draws all good gigs to an end. A flawless performance given by a charming artist, it could not have been any less of a perfect opening night of a 2016 tour.


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