06 Apr, Monday
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Give My Head Peace on tour throughout Northern Ireland

Da, Uncle Andy, Ma, Billy, Cal, Dympna and Pastor Begbie (Paddy Jenkins) are doing 20 shows some of which are bound to be near you!

Ulster’s most dysfunctional family bring you a mix of laugh-out-loud comedy, topical humour and up to the minute satire. While Uncle Andy is serenading our new leader Arlene Foster and trying to get tickets to the Euros, Da and Cal are busy organising their 1916 celebrations and Pastor Begbie is busy worrying about whether he might be a father.

Featuring elections, gay cakes, new jobs for Peter Robinson, and superb stand-up from Tim McGarry, Give My Head Peace Live is a night of guaranteed fun.

The plots in Give My Head Peace Live make as much sense as the Gerry Adams book of tweets but are sure to make you laugh.

Producer Tim McGarry said “We’re delighted to be on the road again with a brand new show. All your favourite characters will be there. If you haven’t seen Give My Head Peace Live before come to the Grand Opera House or any one of the venues across Northern Ireland and find out what you’ve been missing!”

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